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Lawyer Judge tries to make it easier to file a complaint against a Lawyers and Judges.

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North Carolina Lawyer Judge Complaints

How to file complaints against North Carolina Judges and North Carolina lawyers?

North Carolina Judge Complaints

Contact the North Carolina Judicial Standards Commission. To file a complaint about a judge in North Carolina:

No form was found for North Carolina Judge complaints.

North Carolina Judicial Complaint Mailing Address
Judicial Standards Commission
P.O. Box 1122
Raleigh, NC 27602-2448

(919) 733-7107

North Carolina Lawyer Complaints

Grievance Committee of The North Carolina Bar handles complaints about lawyers in North Carolina. To file a complaint about a lawyer in North Carolina:

Lawyer Complaint Mailing Address
Grievance Committee of The North Carolina Bar
PO BOX 25908
Raleigh, NC 27611


Complaints about North Carolina Judges and North Carolina Lawyers

Each State has its own procedures for filing complaints against judges. All states require a written and signed complaint. Some states have a form for you to fill out. Other States request a letter. Grievances of misconduct usually concern issues of conflict of interest or impartiality. Adverse rulings or judgments are not considered legitimate grievances. You must support the complaint about the North Carolina Judge with sufficient documentation. Contact the North Carolina Judicial Standards Commission.

All states maintain an agency to process lawyer complaints. These disciplinary counsels can usually be found as a department of the state bar association or as a branch of the state supreme court. Complaints can be filed by filling out a form supplied by the disciplinary counsel or by writing a letter to Grievance Committee of The North Carolina Bar. Check the North Carolina web site to find the requirements for a complaint about a North Carolina Lawyer.

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